Ambient instrumental post-rock ensemble Joy Wants Eternity originated in a Seattle basement fall 2003 as a gathering of several musicians experimenting with instrumental walls of noise. The massive orchestra eventually pared down to a five piece, and by summer 2004 Joy Wants Eternity recorded their first EP, Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn to Listen with Your Eyes, officially issued in spring 2005. The band’s first full-length, You Who Pretend to Sleep, was available by May 2007. After airplay on several radio stations around the US, and increasing international sales, the band signed to Japanese Label XTAL in 2008 to re-release You Who Pretend to Sleep. The latest album, The Fog is Rising, was released in 2012.

A Story of Rats is a duo consisting of the Seattle based artists Garek Jon Druss and Daniel Salo. This collaboration was formed to create environments and atmospheres that enable a listener to engage in a heightened experience that resembles ecstatic awareness and transcendence. With the use of analog and digital synthesizers, drum programing, and vocals, Salo and Druss create an intricate shadow that often obscures itself between sound, performance, tangibility, and time. The composed soundscape they create shifts our perception from the material to conjure a phenomenological understanding of the ethereal.

Being nothing, Saint Genet possess nothing, while we secretly pursue the imminent possession of everything. Doubtless, there are sorrows here; manifesting landscapes that are both banal and beautiful. Doubtless, there are wounds here; unique and different hidden these wounds are always hidden. They are our solitude and our most certain glory. They are me you all of us. Doubtless, there is blood here. With blood and a puddle of gold we mourn the marriage of our invisible and anonymous patriarch, to our disowned and silent matriarch. Each nearly, nearly invisible. This is essential.

Preferring nothingness to being, tension to enjoyment, substance and will, soul and consciousness, magic and freedom, concept and judgment collide, gnash, beat upon, and scream out again and again until misery has twisted itself into ecstasy revealing our coded and cursed black history. We revel here, serving no one; and if our oft’ feeble hands have hinted at poetry it is the poetry that unites us whether we are swine or not.

Our audience meets the great apostle of singularity; he holds a sword, not a mirror, to the throat. As the room slowly fills and silently we drown. Me, you, all of us our hearts pounding, know that no one has the right to forgive, no one has the right to forgive, and tomorrow dawn will break, no one has the right to forgive, tomorrow dawn will break, and nothing is beautiful save that which is not.

We must believe that. Must we not?

Rachel Green creates site-specific multimedia performances that tell stories about our human condition. She regards the body as a container for emotions, infusing her work with delicate and volatile expressions of human feeling. The work invokes a sense of the primal and cerebral while exploring ancient and mythic themes. Green takes inspiration from nature as a way to harness one’s own power, wildness, wonder, and freedom.

Composition collaboration with Garek J Druss for The Dowsing by Anna Telcs.

The Dowsing, is an aesthetic calling card declaring one’s right to create true to one’s perspective. Its attention to form and detail instills a respect for the personal universe we each contain and express through the architecture of clothing. The ritualistic and the quotidian, the private and the public, form and function intersect in fashion, making it complex and fascinating. My practice addresses and dissolves many issues that arise from the commercial fashion industry.

-Anna Telcs

Solo piano works by Daniel Salo.