Saint Genet Frail Affinities

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Photos courtesy of Oliver Ottenschlanger

Music composed by Daniel Salo and Brian Lawlor

Saint Genet will be performing at the donaufestival in Krems, Austria April 29 – May 1 & May 5 – 7 2016. Frail Affinities will feature music composed by Daniel Salo and Brian Lawlor.

From the donaufestival site:

Frail Affinities

World Premiere

donaufestival’s collaboration with the author, director, and performance artist Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell began in 2010 with “The Dorothy K”, when he – still working under the name Implied Violence – joined forces with the Parenthetical Girls vocalist Zac Pennington and Hermes Phettberg. Mitchell’s international breakthrough followed in 2014 with the existential and visually stunning work “Paradisiacal Rites” in a coproduction with the Luminato Festival in Toronto. For some time now, he has called his troupe after Sartre’s “Saint Genet”, and this can be traced to an existential consensus that genius is not a talent but a strategy we develop in hopeless situations. Supported and admired by the likes of theatre magician Robert Wilson and the icon of radical performance art Marina Abramovic, Ryan Mitchell voyages to the brink of both mental and physical limits in his work.
In 2016 Saint Genet returns to Krems with a multi-part work. The 72-hour performance-installation in April last year, which involved a procession from an abandoned factory in Traiskirchen to the centre of Vienna, is the seed for Ryan Mitchell’s new migration tragedy, which will be presented at donaufestival.
The world premiere of the six-day performance “Frail Affinities” makes poetic and satirical reference to the tragedy of the “Donner Party” from 1846. A group of settlers migrating across the United States became trapped in the snow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and endured unimaginable horrors. Saint Genet’s method insists on images becoming obsessions, opening mental and physical spaces on a periphery where suffering, pain, joy, delirium, and death flow over into one another.

Director/Text: Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell
Performer: Darren Dewse, Matt Drews, Sara Edwards, Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, MKNZ, Lily Nguyen, NKO, Jessie Smith
Musicians: Brian Lawlor (piano/synth), D. Salo (piano/synth), Emily Stewart (violin), Judith Reiter (viola), Julia Pichler (violin), Lukas Lauermann (cello)
Composers: Brian Lawlor, D. Salo
Choreography: Jessie Smith
Costume & Make-up: Robinick Fernandez
Costume and Make-up assistant: Jordan Christianson
Video: Alexander Nowak
Light Design (for performance): John Torres
Sound Design: Ryan Kelly
Sound Conductor: Lily Nguyen
Installation Repair (for performance): NKO
Dramaturgy: Melissa Henry
Company Manager: Sara Edwards

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