Ambient instrumental post-rock ensemble Joy Wants Eternity originated in a Seattle basement fall 2003 as a gathering of several musicians experimenting with instrumental walls of noise. The massive orchestra eventually pared down to a five piece, and by summer 2004 Joy Wants Eternity recorded their first EP, Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn to Listen with Your Eyes, officially issued in spring 2005. The band’s first full-length, You Who Pretend to Sleep, was available by May 2007. After airplay on several radio stations around the US, and increasing international sales, the band signed to Japanese Label XTAL in 2008 to re-release You Who Pretend to Sleep. The latest album, The Fog is Rising, was released in 2012.

Joy Wants Eternity:
Daniel Salo
Emory Liu
Michael Sterling
Rob Thompson
Salvador Huerta