I Want to Hear the Sea

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Kickstarter Page for support of I Want to Hear the Sea


Friends, Family, and Patrons,

We are pleased to announce that our latest project, an opera entitled I Want to Hear the Sea, has been accepted into this year’s NW New Works Festival at On the Boards! This new work will premiere on Saturday, June 17, and Sunday, June 18, in one of the most respected showcases of new and experimental works from Pacific Northwest artists.

This campaign will raise the funds required to offset costs of rehearsal space, costume fabrication, artist fees, and set construction to help us realize our shared vision for this ambitious undertaking. Our campaign goal is to raise $7,500 over the next 30 days, and we won’t be able to reach it without YOUR support!

Over the past few years, we’ve created several site-specific performances, mixed media productions, sound installations, films, new compositional works, and several performance art pieces – culminating in the launch of our new, multi-disciplinary production company, Earth and Ceremony. This group, comprised of singers, musicians, dancers, cinematographers, sculptors, technicians, and other collaborators, will endeavor to create the kind of forward-thinking art that we consider essential to our shared experience as humans.

For a better idea of what exactly we’ll be using these funds for, I Want to Hear the Sea will feature a large scale costume produced by designer Anna Telcs, is large enough to require several puppeteers to operate it during the performance. This costume will serve as a foundational artistic element in next year’s expanded production of this same piece.

I Want to Hear the Sea collaborators include Anna Telcs, Belle Wolf, Sharon Park, Le’Ecia Farmer, Skylar Tatro, Whitney Bashaw, Rachel Robillard, Katelyn Norris, Cassandra Wulff, David Nelson, Garek J Druss, Brian Constans, and Tristan Roberson.

Thank you for your consideration, and ongoing support of our artistic endeavors, and we can’t wait to share I Want to Hear the Sea with you this June at On the Boards!

Earth and Ceremony
Rachel Green
Anna Telcs
Daniel Salo

P.S. Personal thanks to Rachel for putting so much effort into getting this campaign running and the video spliced & looking awesome! xo -Salo


Directed by
Rachel Green and Daniel Salo

Created by
Anna Telcs // Rachel Green // Daniel Salo

Daniel Salo

Rachel Green
Daniel Salo

Anna Telcs

Rachel Green

Stage Design
Anna Telcs

Rachel Green
Sharon Park

Belle Wolf
Cassandra Wulff

Le’Ecia Farmer
Katelyn Norris

Skylar Tatro
Whitney Bashaw
Rachel Robillard

Audio Design
Garek J Druss

Stage Construction / Planning
David Alexander Nelson
Brian Constans

Lighting Design
Tristan Roberson

Risks and challenges

This project is being presented for the NW New Works festival as planned on June 17 and 18, and the challenge will really be meeting our campaign goals to present this piece as we have intended and imagined. Your support is what makes this all possible!

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