Daniel Salo is a composer and sound artist residing in Seattle, WA. As a multi-instrumentalist he has written and performed music for piano, organ, guitar and string quartets. Salo started playing piano at an early age and performed in multiple orchestras playing contrabass and bassoon. During his time at Indiana University he took a job working as a stage hand at the Musical Arts Center on campus, he became mesmerized by opera music and performances. He began experimenting with blending synthesizers, noise/ambience and electronic music into his own classical background. His music has been featured in film and t.v. and widely used in performance art and dance. Salo’s music is both haunting and hopeful, influences from minimalism and the avant garde he aims to create unique scores into the ethereal. 


Daniel Salo
Seattle Washington

Saint Genet (Theater, Dance)

Photos courtesy of Oliver Ottenschlanger

Music composed by Daniel Salo and Brian Lawlor

Frail Affinities

This April, Saint Genet premieres a new interdisciplinary performance at donaufestival in Krems Austria.  Using large scale, innovative environmental installation, image-based opera, body-based performance and dance, we explore the tragedy of the Donner Party as poetic metaphor of the human capacity to endure through the greatest imaginable hardships. Engaging with themes of procession, exhaustion, ecstatic states, starvation, and duration, we expose both the true beauty found within the smallest moments of existence, and also the unimaginable horror of a human having to accept powerlessness in the face of beautiful and unstoppable nature.



Paradisaical Rites Daniel Salo

Paradisaical Rites

Paradisaical Rites

Paradisaical Rites transforms elements of ballet, symphony, opera, installation, and body-based performance art into holistic and hypnotic, virtuosic and visceral performances. Fueled by American Hysteria, the illusion of nationalism, by blood booze and bands, our performances morph, through varying ecstatic states, between the horrific and the sublime. Paradisaical Rites premiered at the Donau Festival in Austria in 2013, the Luminato Festival in Toronto and returned home to the U.S. premiere at On the Boards in Seattle.

Music composed by Daniel Salo, Brian Lawlor, and Garek J Druss.

Transports of Delirium - Daniel Salo

Transports of Delirium

Transports of Delirium

The Lawrimore Project, home to one of the most important gallery’s in Seattle’s history Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell with the support of gallerist Scott Lawrimore re-appropriated the woe-gone and empty 5,000 sq ft warehouse that was once home to the Lawrimore Project. We entered this abandoned and forgotten space thinking the unthinkable, maintaining the unmaintainable, and knowing all along that once engaged we could never stop, never faultier, and never look back. For if we stopped; even for a moment, we may have been overwhelmed by the enormity of our task, we may have remembered that we were exhausted, that we have been struck and were bleeding in a lonely and unmarked grave that had been long forgotten by the rest of the city. We may have allowed ourselves to be broken by our own whirling history; not yet made tangible.

Music composed by Daniel Salo, Garek J Druss and Jeff Huston.

An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite

An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite

An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite Video Portrait

Short film by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell and Alexander Nowak
Music composed by Daniel Salo and Garek J Druss

Role: Music Composer.
Saint Genet - Daniel Salo

Saint Genet

Saint Genet is a performance arts group created by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell started in Seattle, WA. The group has performed in Europe, Canada and the United States. Along with composer Brian Lawlor and Garek J Druss, Daniel Salo created the music for Paradisaical Rites and Transports of Delirium and is currently working on a new (untitled) piece set to premiere 2016.

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Rachel Green (Performance Art, Dance)

Music from Signal composed by Daniel Salo

Music from Signal


Signal is a site–specific dance, music, and theatre performance created during a month long residency in the warehouse space at Herring’s House Park.  The piece is a reflection on the passage of time, loss, and the eventual transformation that can result from loss. Although the piece alludes to death, both physical and psychological, the suggestion is made in a “soft light:” death as a force of power and strength. The performance focuses on emergence as well as loss, and is an “homage” to nature, strength, and adaptability.

Music composed by Daniel Salo.
Released on to tapes and digital.
Engineered and Mastered by Daniel Salo.

Soot - Rachel Green and Daniel Salo

Soot – Rachel Green and Daniel Salo


Soot is a twelve-hour performance piece morphed by an additive of a repetitious history. Developing layers over time, the performance invites the audience to check in throughout the performance. The piece aspires to grasp our persisting desire to be glimpsed, through the repetition of rituals in sound and performance. Soot is developed by Rachel Green and Daniel Salo.

Music for this show including building loops and layers, represented by drawing lines along the gallery walls. The piece would then transform every 20 minutes into an ethereal orchestration of synthesis.

Music composed by Daniel Salo.




Trust is a durational site specific performance piece created for the 2014 Lofi Arts Festival at Smoke Farm.

Director: Rachel Green
Performers: Danielle Blackwell and Rachel Green
Choreography: Rachel Green
Costumes: Danielle Blackwell
Music: Daniel Salo

Jack Straw - Hypnagogic Jerk

Jack Straw – Hypnagogic Jerk

Hypnagogic Jerk

Hypnagogic Jerk is a multi-media look at the processes involved in falling asleep. Artists Rachel Green and Seth Sexton are exploring the mind’s submission to the process of sleep and the physical body’s resistance to it. They are also exploring the realm of consciousness, the realm of dreams, and the interpretation of reality. Green and Sexton use movement to express the ways that these realms interact with each other in the moments before sleep paralysis. The gallery installation will include guest artists, live performances, and an original sound score written by Daniel Salo

Role: Music Composer, Sound Engineer, Co-Producer
Rachel Green - Daniel Salo

Rachel Green

Daniel Salo and Rachel Green have closely collaborated on several performances and dance pieces. Most recently (Aug 2015) they put together a full production performance called Signal, as part of the Duwamish Revealed Art Festival. Other shows include Trust (Smoke Farm – LoFi Performance Festival), Soot (Ghost Gallery – Seattle, WA) and Hypnagogic Jerk (Jack Straw – Seattle, WA).

Music From Signal

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A Story of Rats (Music Group)

A Story of Rats - The Immeasurable Spiral

A Story of Rats – The Immeasurable Spiral

The Immeasurable Spiral

This forthcoming and unreleased album (created as a trio with drummer Andrew Crawshaw) was recorded in Seattle Washington at Avast Studios by Engineer and producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Eyvind Kang, Sunn 0))), Marisa Nadler, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc.). The two pieces of immense sonic architecture were mastered for compact disc and vinyl by James Plotkin and consist of analog and digital synthesizers, electric organ, timpani, drum machine, live drums, and vocals.

Role: Composer, Performer, Sound Engineer
Daniel Salo at Avast Studios with Randall Dunn

Avast Studios with Randall Dunn

A Story of Rats is a duo consisting of the Seattle based artists Garek J Druss and Daniel Salo. This collaboration was formed to create environments and atmospheres that enable the listener to engage in a heightened experience that resembles an ecstatic awareness or transcendence. With the use of analog and digital synthesizers, drum programing, and vocals, Salo and Druss create an intricate shadow that often obscures itself between sound, installation, tangibility, and time. The composed soundscape they create shifts our perception from the material to conjure a phenomenological understanding of the ethereal.

Their upcoming album, The Immeasurable Spiral, was produced by Randall Dunn (Earth, Eyvind Kang, Sunn 0))), Marisa Nadler, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc.)

Audio from The Immeasurable Spiral is currently unreleased but can be previewed on request by emailing Daniel Salo at saintsalo@gmail.com.

Joy Wants Eternity (Music Group)

Releases by Joy Wants Eternity.
New album is currently being written for release in 2016.
Mad Tiger Side B

Mad Tiger Side B

Mad Tiger Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Original Music by Daniel Salo
Performed by Joy Wants Eternity and Unlearn
Produced by Scott Colburn

Released 2016
Recorded and Mixed by Scott Colburn at Gravelvoice






You Who Pretend To Sleep - Joy Wants Eternity

You Who Pretend To Sleep – Joy Wants Eternity

You Who Pretend To Sleep

Released 2007
Recorded by Andy Boyd and Alex Cassatt at The Art Institute of Seattle.
Mixed by Zack Reining at Chroma Sound.
Re-released on Xtal Records (Japan) 2008 with additional bonus tracks.

The Fog is Rising - Joy Wants Eternity

The Fog is Rising – Joy Wants Eternity

The Fog is Rising

Released 2012
Recorded and Mixed by Scott Colburn at Gravelvoice
except “I am I: Hiding” – Recorded and Mixed by Andy Boyd at Prescription Audio
Artwork by Emory Liu
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI

daniel salo - joy wants eternity - must you smash your ears before you learn to listen with your eyes

Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes – Joy Wants Eternity

Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes

Released 2004
Recorded at Magnets Large & Small

Role: Composer and Performer on Piano, Rhodes, Bass, and Guitar.
Joy Wants Eternity - Daniel Salo

Joy Wants Eternity

Ambient instrumental post-rock ensemble Joy Wants Eternity originated in a Seattle basement fall 2003 as a gathering of several musicians experimenting with instrumental walls of noise. To date, JWE has released three albums and toured both national and international. Their music has been featured in both film and t.v. (CSI Miami, National Geographic, Killing the Messenger) – including the full score to the documentary Mad Tiger, set to be released in 2016.

Currently JWE is working on a 4th album (untitled), set to be released in early 2016.


Daniel Salo
Emory Liu
Michael Sterling
Rob Thompson
Salvador Huerta

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