You Who Pretend to Sleep

joy wants eternity - you who pretend to sleep
Release Date: May 1, 2007
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Joy Wants Eternity

You Who Pretend to Sleep

Joy Wants Eternity’s first full length album, released May 2007.

Track Listing:
01 Existences Rust
02 Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
03 From Embrace to Embrace
04 Death is a Door that Opens
05 What Lies Beyond
06 Yet Onward We Marched
07 Uriel
08 You are the Vertical, You are the Horizon
*09 Of Dead Loves and Waning Perfume
*10 I am I; Hiding

* – Japanese Bonus Tracks – Released on Xtal Records 2008

All song recorded by Andy Boyd and Alex Cassatt at the The Art Institute of Seattle.
Mixed by Andy Boyd at The Tank Studio and Prescription Audio except tracks 1 & 2, mixed by Zack Reinig at Chroma Sound.

Daniel Salo – Rhodes, Piano, Guitar, Bass
Salvador Huerta – Guitar
Micheal Sterling – Guitar
Rob Thompson – Guitar
Emory Lui – Drums